In aid of Les Bourgs Hospice, Guernsey 
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Terms & Conditions

The Friends of Les Bourgs (FLB) reserves the right to change the date of the draw. If this is required the new date will be published on the website and the Guernsey Evening Press.

 The planned draw date is 13th October 2012, with the time and venue to be defined prior to that date.

The tickets, costing £300 each, are numbered 1000 to 5999 and once sold are not transferrable.

 Tickets can be purchased by cash, cheque or debit/credit card and there are no restrictions on the number of tickets purchased.

If any cheque provided for the purchase of a ticket is returned by the issuing Bank for lack of funds the ticket will be voided and withdrawn from the draw.

 In the event of a syndicate ticket purchase, the syndicate form must be lodged at the time of purchase and the name of the nominated syndicate manager will appear on the ticket. Any disputes over individual shares in a syndicate will not be the responsibilty of the Promoter (or FLB).

To indemnify FLB against loss this draw has been insured. Any unsold tickets become the property of the insurer.  

The prize values are £1,000,000, £50,000, £25,000, £15,000 & £10,000.

The draw will be witnessed by the Minister of the Home Department and all counterfoils will be verified by an external auditor prior to the draw. 

The draw will be made by drawing numbered balls from four individual containers.

The prizes will be drawn from lowest to highest value and each ticket can only win one prize.

FLB will publish the definitive results of the draw on the website and in the Guernsey Evening Press.

Prizes will only be given on receipt of the winning ticket, with the ticket holder being deemed to be the person named on the counterfoil of the ticket. Any winnings will only be paid to that person and FLB may require proof of identification to verify such details.

Any prize not claimed after three months from the date of the draw will automatically revert to the Friends of Les Bourgs, although best efforts will be made by the Promotor to pay the winners.

In the event of circumstances outside of these rules requiring clarification, the Governors of Les Bourgs Hospice will be the sole arbiters of that issue.

There are no restrictions on Staff and Governors of the Hospice and Friends of Les Bourgs purchasing tickets (with the exception of the promoter).

The promoter is Jack Honeybill, Jacinthe, Bukit Estate, St Sampson's, Guernsey, GY2 4GF.

OverviewHow to buy ticketsWinning NumbersLes Bourgs HospiceTerms & ConditionsContact Us